SG Twin Pears W Cassiopeia 6*M


We feel so blessed to of brought in Miss Cassie. She is out of one of our favorite does Sugar Moon V Java Pepper. She is so dairy! Cassie has done wonderful on milk test this year with over 5lbs on her first test and each test after has been well over 4 lbs. She puts everything into her milk and we quickly learned that after she gave us 4 beautiful babies this spring. She hadn't ever had any doelings and she blessed us with 3! Her buckling quickly sold and will be used on another farm here in Southern Oregon. Cassie did well in the show ring this year. She took home a 1st place aged doe. One judge even commented that she was probably the most "dairy" goat he'd seen at that show. He compared her to an Alpine. Which is a huge complement to a Nigerian Dwarf. 

Dam- SG Sugar Moon V Java Pepper 5*M ELITE

PC Twin Pear Farm

Sire- Flat Rocks Westley

PC Oak Apple Farm