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Dam Sire

Footloose Acres Katie Kinz Mt Rivendells SSR Duverney Due- 12/25/22 Reservations Open

3 Doelings Born- 12/27/22 Doeling retained

Doeling- 1 available

1 sold

R Arrows Ranch Susie Q

Susie Q is LONG! She exudes dairy character and I predict she will produce like her dam. Lots of milk behind this girl.

R Arrows Ranch Joy

Joy is our most friendly goat on the farm! She would make an amazing pet or backyard milker.

Gillis Family Farm Trouble Mt Rivendells SSR Duverney Due- 2/24/23 Reservations Open

R Arrows Ranch Prima Donna

Prima is a beautiful little doeling with tons of potential.  Her Dam Gillis Family Farm Trouble won 1st place 2 yr old milker at the Josephine County Fairy ADGA show this year. That is a big deal since she was only a first freshener this year. She has also proven herself in the milk pail. Her first two tests of the year she put 5.5lbs and 5lbs in the bucket. Trouble milks down to nothing as does her dam Mischief. 

Twin Pears W Cassiopeia Took A Leap G Peat's Beast Due-3/19/23 Reservations Open

Doeling/Buckling retained

Buckling- Janell White* 

2 Doelings Available

R Arrows Ranch Clementine

R Arrows Ranch Violet

Left: R Arrows Ranch Violet 

Right: R Arrows Ranch Clementine

I love the depth of body on both of these girls. I can't wait to see how they mature. It was a hard pick between 3 doelings but I'd love to see these girls go on to bless another herds program. With their jam packed pedigree they are on the path to excellence. They go back on both sides  to none other than Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas. He is the Sire to the #1 top milk producing doe SG SUGAR MOON V ZUZANNA 4*M. She produced 2190lbs of milk in one year! Their Dam Twin Pears W Cassiopeia put 5.1lbs in the pail on her first milk test and has gone on to put over 4lbs in every test after that. 

Mitchell Family Farm Uva Gillis Family Farm Legendary Due-3/20/23 Reservations Open

Buckling- Janell White* 1 Doeling Available

R Arrows Ranch Legendary Reign

Reign's rear leg angulation is one of my favorites this year. Her Grand-Dam Leisure Time PD Joyful Antics has produced 1466lbs of milk on her 3rd lactation. That line seems to really mature at that 3rd lactation and really blossom. Reign is super friendly and loves to be with people.